What is going on?!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the minute with the news. I dread turning it on each day. So much death and destruction. Manchester and London attacks. Bombings in Tehran and yet more civilian deaths in Syrian fighting. Then add to that the awful fire in the flats in London. The pain I feel for the things these people are going through is nowhere near the pain they are experiencing. I can’t imagine what they are going through. 

It scares me to think that this is the world my child will live in and there is nothing I can do. I turn to God and ask why. I pray that things will get better. One positive is seeing how communities pull together at times like this. It really does bring out the best in people. But one thing gets to me. Where are the social media cries for solidarity with those in the middle east suffering war and persecution?  Where are there crowdfunding campaigns and hashtags? Where is the news updates about that? 

At times like this I hold on to my little girl just that bit tighter.  I try to busy myself so I can’t hear the constant thoughts of what these people must be feeling and their pain. I try to enjoy the small things be it my daughters laugh, smile, hugs, even her tantrums and teaching her that soil isn’t for eating.  



This week has been a very busy week. I’ve been to mum and baby groups, made new friends and had coffee with them, met old friends and had coffee with them, tried to get the little one to nap, been swimming and now finally doing some gardening. 

It’s been a week of ups and downs. Weather wise, mood wise and news wise. I’m so tired. Every single weekend is full at the moment and I’m back to work on Monday. I keep thinking of a day when I can rest and sleep and then I remember I have a child! Those days don’t exist anymore and that is tough at times but then I meet people who have much harder things to deal with and it makes me rethink. 

I’ve chatted to homeless people this week and made friends with a woman who has a poorly child in hospital and then the attack in London at Westminster palace and it makes me think that I’m doing really well and could have it so much harder. I’m lucky I have a home, have my health and my child’s health and have not been caught up in the horror of injury and death. 

It makes you realise what a hard world we live in and that coming together with our neighbours and communities is the way to get through it. Supporting and moving each other. I’m doing 40 acts for lent (https://40acts.org.uk) and it sets you a challenge every day. Even when I haven’t focused on my challenge for the day I have felt a strong sense of God urging me to share what I have with others, be it resources, my time, my prayers and love. Even the vegetables and flowers I have sown. I hope that in some way I can bless my neighbours, community, friends and those in need. 

What can you do?