Toddler tantrums

We appear to have now entered the phase of toddler tantrums. And although they can be funny to watch they can also be terrifying. The intensity and passion that a tiny little person suddenly has erupting from them is a sight to behold.

Some days we get by with none but other days everything I do or even don’t do is a reason to lie screaming on the floor. It may be I put her shoes and then take them off when she gets mad which is even worse or give her teddy cat but she doesn’t want him so I take him away but suddenly she does want him. Today it was going into an area that was out of bounds for little people at a toddler group. I was pretty amazed she’d managed to get herself and a pushchair into the space but rules are rules and upon attempting to move her she became a rag doll and screamed. When I put her down she proceeded to throw herself on the floor and cry and then push over the pushchair and throw the doll. It was her longest ever tantrum by far. I just sat by her and reassured her and when she was ready gave her a hug, a drink and some cheese (because cheese fixes everything!).

It’s easy to forget that tantrums are a toddlers way of expressing emotions and that although they may be frustrating and difficult to manage there really isn’t anything wrong with them. Allowing them to express their emotions is the best thing you can do for them. I don’t want Beatrice to grow up ashamed of how she feels and like she has to squash her feelings. That helps no one; but as she grows holding her through her upset and anger and telling her it’s okay and eventually helping her to express her emotions in better ways will hopefully help her to become a well rounded young person and adult. I hate seeing her upset but if that’s how she communicates how can I stop her. Once she’s bigger and can talk she’ll move on to other ways of expressing herself (hopefully).



These last few days have seen my beautiful and happy little girl turn into a screaming banshee at night (and sometimes the day when tired). Her screams are those of someone who is in such distress it is heartbreaking to hear. We’re on our 3rd night now of this and yet again the husband is out walking her in her pushchair as that’s one of the only ways to get her to sleep at the minute. 

Why is she screaming? There must be some explanation?! Not that we’ve found so far.  She is teething and may be developing an ear infection (seen the GP today) but when away from her room or hey duggee is on she seems to settle. She has been kept topped up on calpol. Maybe I should throw in some ibuprofen as well. But nothing else works. She wants holding but then she screams to be down,  you put her down then she screams to be held, she wants her dummy and then doesn’t want it, she wants a feed but then doesn’t. It’s exhausting and I don’t know why a screaming baby and no sleep isn’t deemed more of a torture technique because it’s breaking me. 

I’m left with so many questions and the worst part is that I can’t help her. I don’t know what she wants,  I don’t know what’s wrong, all I know is her cries hurt me as well as her and I really hope this phases passes soon.