Camping with a 1 year old

Well I’ve had a long break between posts but I’ve had a good excuse. We went to New Wine Inspire in thirsk which involved camping with a 1 year old. It went a lot better than expected and as my first new wine experience it was amazing. But 5 days of camping meant I put my phone on ultra power saving mode so I wouldn’t need it charging which was great but it did mean I was shut off from the world. I have to say this was pretty nice (even if it meant I didn’t know about Bruce Forsyth for at least 24hrs).

The week prior to our trip we had been at my sister-in-laws wedding which was an amazing day and Beatrice was so well behaved. Unfortunately Beatrice and I both came down with hand, foot and mouth. She was fine and I was the worse off. Our camping trip was in danger (the enemy was at work). But lucky we both cleared up and were well enough to attend. Apart from a lot of marital arguing the pitching of our camp went well and we were able to settle in.

Being with a group from our church was great especially as our close friends were there with their daughter who is 6 months older than Beatrice. It was great for them to be able to play together/ argue over toys. And the fact they had a play group in the morning so us parents could get to talks was amazing. The fresh air and fun seems to have exhausted us all but in a wonderful way. We got away with no rain until our last night.

I would definitely recommend camping with a 1 year old. Just be relaxed about when bedtime is and you’ll be fine. It was a much needed break and enabled Ian and I to reconnect with God.


Mental health day

So we’ve had a hectic few weeks. It has been non stop. I’ve been to Liverpool and Blackpool with Beatrice and this last week we got to celebrate the wedding of 2 of my best friends in Cumbria before I whizzed off to Manchester for my sister in laws hen do. All in all an exhausting but fun few weeks. So today, a day I should be working, I’m taking a mental health day. 

A day to myself where I can do what I want. Beatrice with the childminder and a lunch date with the husband. I couldn’t think of a better relaxing time. I have absolutely nothing planned. 

Your mental health is just as important as your physical. I’ve been feeling the decline in my mental health these last few weeks and luckily have avoided any triggers but they are only round the corner. Today gives me a chance to reset and hopefully get back on track for not only myself but my family.