Our little angel is now becoming very confident with her walking which is great! But it has led to a lot of headbanging. Her little wobbles have ended in lots of tears and bruises.

So far this week she has fallen out of our back door (cue bruised forehead), fallen into a door (cue bruised cheek), walked into tables thinking she could fit under them and had so many more knocks that I’ve lost count. This happens and toddler’s do get bruises but I can’t help feeling I have to explain the bruises incase someone thinks I’ve hit her. Particularly the cheek bruise. Let’s hope I learn to get over this.

This weekend we’ve got a family wedding so lets hope there aren’t too many bumps and tears to disrupt that.


Who knew growing could hurt so much? 

This last week or so my beautiful baby girl is becoming more energetic then ever. She constantly wants to be on the move which is great. Along with this new energy usage she also seems to be having a growth spurt which has led to 2-3 hour naps in the day. (Nap time is great again). But the last day or so the time around these naps has become filled with a mostly whiny and cranky child who I don’t recognise as my usual smiley baby. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days and children are no different but it is EXHAUSTING looking after Beatrice in these moods. Yesterday we had our first family bank holiday since I’ve been back at work. We decided to have brunch out and decide our plans for the day then. Well Beatrice had other ideas. She was desperate to be out of the highchair and had great fun with a step (who knew?). But tears quickly ensued after falling on her face and no amount of distraction or cuddles were enough for her after that. A frustrated Ian just wanted to get home and so our grouchy day continued. 

Today started well and the food shop was successfully completed. But by the time we got home it was definitely lunch and then nap time. That was great. I got to catch up on tv but upon waking from her nap Beatrice screamed. And trying to go to the loo ended up with her sat on my knee screaming whilst I used the toilet. Never thought that would happen. So I gave up and settled for cuddles and despicable me (which she enjoyed). But the meany that I am took Beatrice for her 1 year immunisations and it was heartbreaking. It is horrible. Luckily I’ve got Calpol which seems to have settled her but by the time Ian got home I definitely needed a break. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be less tiring. 

One year old

I can’t believe it! My little baby is 1 year old! And I’m probably not alone in this but in my mummy heart, along with all the excitement, I had a little cry.  One of those stupid moments where my husband looks at me like I’m crazy whilst I mourn the loss of my little baby but rejoice in the independent and feisty little girl I’m raising. 

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m impatient, impulsive, and not impartial to the odd tantrum or two (play any games with me and your guaranteed a meltdown if I lose). My beautiful little girl seems to have picked these up along with my headstrong and determined ability to vocalise exactly what I do and don’t like. Now I’m not complaining about those last 2 as I want a confident daughter who looks after herself but there is nothing like a child to make you aware of your worst qualities. Let’s hope we’re both able to deal with these bad points effectively. 

But in this first year as a mother I have learned many things about myself. Here’s a few of them:

1) I deal a lot better with lack of sleep than I realised, although I do reach a breaking point at times. 

2) I have more patience than I ever thought possible! Mostly when it comes to food time (babies can be really trying! She’d rather eat soil than my homecooked food).

3) It’s possible to miss someone even when they are with you! She drives me crazy,  but I love her.

4) I’ll never go to the toilet alone again and that I can now pee in company (I was a nervous toilet user).

And 5) clothes shopping for a baby is addictive! (My husband hates this).

Lets hope that in this next year my little girl will learn: that shutting your fingers in draws is never a good idea and hurts,  to walk, to pass gently instead of throwing and keep on blossoming in every way!