Times are a-changing

So we’ve had a lot of change in our lives over the last year or so. We became parents, I became a stay at home mum (except for Monday’s), we moved house, we’re going to get building work done on it and now we’re also going to be sent from our church to another on a church plant.

Now the old me would have been freaking out at so much change but I have recently rediscovered my passion and connection with God (It’s been there but felt a bit dormant). I’ve struggled with how I’ll be any use as a stay at home mum to God but he is opening my eyes. We’ve been praying as a family for this change and God keeps nudging us closer and closer to this church plant but also seems to be making things we were going to find hard to leave behind a little bit easier. Although we’re leaving we’ll still be in the same city and if we are true friends we don’t need to be in the same church for that to continue!

He has completely taken away my fear and replaced it with excitement and ideas for this new journey and I for one can’t wait.

When you stop trying to control things yourself and let God take control it is truly amazing what he can do!


Learning to let go

So as Beatrice is growing she is becoming more and more sure of her personality and what she does and didn’t like which is great but also hard work. This week she has learnt the word ‘no’ and although she does use it appropriately most of the time sometimes she just repeats it over and over for no apparent reason (I think she likes the sound of it). She’s constantly singing away and particularly likes the theme tune for in the night garden. If she hears you say even ‘in the garden ‘ she will assume you’re talking about her favourite show as Ian learnt recently and she also loves hey duggee and throughout the day will randomly say ‘duggee’ and hug herself. (Aka duggee hug, watch an episode you’ll get it then).

These are all things that bring me such joy you see but there are certain things I’m finding hard to deal with. Like stickers. Beatrice loves stickers and has a few sticker books. I, in my very specific wisdom, have had to come to terms with the fact that she does not stick them where they should go. Not even close and often just sticks them on top of each other until there is a sticker pile. I have sacrificed some of my sanity just to allow her a bit of happiness. It’s totally worth it for 5 minutes peace plus she looks super cute when concentrating.

Luckily she is still not old enough to do gardening yet so the garden is still my domain and things are in rows and specific places. For now….

Camping with a 1 year old

Well I’ve had a long break between posts but I’ve had a good excuse. We went to New Wine Inspire in thirsk which involved camping with a 1 year old. It went a lot better than expected and as my first new wine experience it was amazing. But 5 days of camping meant I put my phone on ultra power saving mode so I wouldn’t need it charging which was great but it did mean I was shut off from the world. I have to say this was pretty nice (even if it meant I didn’t know about Bruce Forsyth for at least 24hrs).

The week prior to our trip we had been at my sister-in-laws wedding which was an amazing day and Beatrice was so well behaved. Unfortunately Beatrice and I both came down with hand, foot and mouth. She was fine and I was the worse off. Our camping trip was in danger (the enemy was at work). But lucky we both cleared up and were well enough to attend. Apart from a lot of marital arguing the pitching of our camp went well and we were able to settle in.

Being with a group from our church was great especially as our close friends were there with their daughter who is 6 months older than Beatrice. It was great for them to be able to play together/ argue over toys. And the fact they had a play group in the morning so us parents could get to talks was amazing. The fresh air and fun seems to have exhausted us all but in a wonderful way. We got away with no rain until our last night.

I would definitely recommend camping with a 1 year old. Just be relaxed about when bedtime is and you’ll be fine. It was a much needed break and enabled Ian and I to reconnect with God.


Our little angel is now becoming very confident with her walking which is great! But it has led to a lot of headbanging. Her little wobbles have ended in lots of tears and bruises.

So far this week she has fallen out of our back door (cue bruised forehead), fallen into a door (cue bruised cheek), walked into tables thinking she could fit under them and had so many more knocks that I’ve lost count. This happens and toddler’s do get bruises but I can’t help feeling I have to explain the bruises incase someone thinks I’ve hit her. Particularly the cheek bruise. Let’s hope I learn to get over this.

This weekend we’ve got a family wedding so lets hope there aren’t too many bumps and tears to disrupt that.

Swimming bad luck

So now that our little one is walking I feel like getting out and about is even more important. I’ve always been one to need to get out of the house but it’s even more important now. Not only does it tire her our but it keeps me sane. Without my little walks or coffee dates I would not be the slightly sane person that people know.

So today we went swimming which is great but my friends and I do not have a good track record with parent and baby swim sessions. We choose these because they have toys out for them to keep them happy. Unfortunately the first time we went to one we made the mistake of turning up at the start time. What a stupid mistake as the session was then full but spaces would come up as people left. So we waited and eventually did get in, because if anyone has a toddler knows telling them we’re going swimming and then not is not an option.

So this morning we turned up 20 minutes before the session to make sure we got in only to find out their baby pool was shut as it’s heater had broken. We decided to wait until the adult pool opened to go in there. Cue 50 minutes of trying to entertain to 1 year olds with teletubbies (lasted 2 minutes), another childs push along trike parked in the reception (they broke it) and their display of swimwear and toys which Beatrice wanted to climb on. We even tried to entertain them with the touch screen vending machine, in the hope that if they pressed enough buttons and confused it we’d get some free food (didn’t work). But we eventually got swimming and had a great time. Maybe next time we’ll be able to arrive and just get in the pool without any hassle.