Swimming bad luck

So now that our little one is walking I feel like getting out and about is even more important. I’ve always been one to need to get out of the house but it’s even more important now. Not only does it tire her our but it keeps me sane. Without my little walks or coffee dates I would not be the slightly sane person that people know.

So today we went swimming which is great but my friends and I do not have a good track record with parent and baby swim sessions. We choose these because they have toys out for them to keep them happy. Unfortunately the first time we went to one we made the mistake of turning up at the start time. What a stupid mistake as the session was then full but spaces would come up as people left. So we waited and eventually did get in, because if anyone has a toddler knows telling them we’re going swimming and then not is not an option.

So this morning we turned up 20 minutes before the session to make sure we got in only to find out their baby pool was shut as it’s heater had broken. We decided to wait until the adult pool opened to go in there. Cue 50 minutes of trying to entertain to 1 year olds with teletubbies (lasted 2 minutes), another childs push along trike parked in the reception (they broke it) and their display of swimwear and toys which Beatrice wanted to climb on. We even tried to entertain them with the touch screen vending machine, in the hope that if they pressed enough buttons and confused it we’d get some free food (didn’t work). But we eventually got swimming and had a great time. Maybe next time we’ll be able to arrive and just get in the pool without any hassle.


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