Baby into toddler

So my precious little baby is no longer a baby and is firmly cementing herself into toddler phase. She is independent and know exactly what she does and doesn’t like and is very vocal about them (definitely mine). Sometimes I feel bad for Ian having to put up with both of us. There’s a few things that are new experiences for us all:

– she has started walking which we are all super excited about. 

 – she now has tantrums. Full on lie down and scream tantrums and I have to say I struggle not to find them funny. 

 – she now wants to eat like a big girl with a fork and woe betide anyone who tries to feed her with a spoon.

 – growth spurts = amazing nap times. 

 – talking is something she now loves to do and she tries to copy what you say. 

 – and stairs are the most fun she could have. She loves to go up them and bounce down on her bum. 

Although all these things are also exhausting I wouldn’t change them for the world. 


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