Holiday expectations 

So here I am on holiday in France and I can’t say we’ve had the best start to the holiday. We’ve had an unsettled and grumpy baby. She’s been difficult to get to eat or drink and we’re back to breastfeeding in the day just to get fluids in her. This seems to have helped and she now seems more settled. The only problem is now……

…..Ian and I are ill. We’ve had diarrhoea and vomiting. (Sorry if that’s too much). Luckily Ian had started to feel better as I was going down with it so Beatrice had someone to keep her happy but she has been an angel and amazing. The hard part of holidays is that we don’t have the back up of friends or family to help with Beatrice if we’re too ill and we don’t have home comforts. 

We’re lucky enough to have an amazing network of friends and family to pray for us and give advice where needed. But one thing I’ve learnt from all of this is to have no expectations for holidays. Some tips I’ve had from people are below: 

– Don’t try and stick to your baby routine as there is no way they’ll keep it particularly with a time change.

– Be relaxed and don’t try and pack your holiday full of sightseeing. Babies like to move and car seats and pushchairs don’t allow that. 

– Let them eat whatever they want as long as they eat something. 

– Use bottled water. Yes it’s not free or good for plastic consumption but if it stops upset tummies and discomfort from different water then it’s worth it. 

– And finally work as a team. Yes it’s a family holiday but no one will be happy or rested if you’re both constantly with your child. Take it in turns to give each other a break and baby free time for some of the day. 

Hopefully this will help others in our sucky situation. And let’s pray Beatrice doesn’t come down with wherever we have. Give yourself a break and you’ll find just relaxing and enjoying doing nothing is so much more fun. Particularly with a baby.  Happy baby = happy parents


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