Feels like holiday

At the moment the UK and probably other areas are going through a particularly hot and lovely spell of weather! And in a desperate bid to refrain from being British I don’t want to moan about it being too hot but I’m afraid I can’t. I’m calling it,  it’s too hot! In a weeks time when it’s back to being cold and wet I’ll wish it were like this again. So for future me I’m sorry I ruined it. 

At least being a stay at home mum means I’ve been able to enjoy the weather with Beatrice in the garden and it’s a joy. I may have gone overboard and bought her a swing and a water table the other day but she is loving them, although Ian has banned me from buying her anymore toys. Luckily she hasn’t discovered our pond so I don’t have to currently worry about her always going for it (and it would be fascinating as we have 2, foot long goldfish). 

Now although we have this lovely weather and a lot of toys currently the majority of our friendship group have disappeared off to France, which is somewhat a bit lonely as I see them most days. The good thing is it’s allowed Beatrice and I to spend more time with people we may not see as often which is great! Hopefully tomorrow we can have our own little vacation with our friends coming over and some company for the little one! It turns out mummy trying to read and sunbathe doesn’t lead to a pleasant afternoon for either of us! 

I hope everyone else is able to enjoy the weather and have their own mini vacation! Stay safe in the sun! 


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