Communal living

I think this is my longest break between posts and a lot has been going on! I don’t even know where to start! 

We had an amazing weekend away with our network from church and it was like one, giant, happy family, apart from the quiz night when we were split into teams (north and south). It got quite tense. But it has made me rethink communal living. One of my friends husbands is all for buying houses together and knocking through to make one big house. Now until I had a baby I wasn’t sure but I’m definitely sold now. It was great having company whilst looking after your baby,  particularly other babies.  They love to play together and always having a willing spare pair of hands/ willing play mate was amazing for eating my food or even going to the toilet. And yes our sleep wasn’t the best (poorly baby sand unfamiliar surroundings = won’t sleep) but the people around us and support got us through. If you wanted quiet time to yourself you could take it but when ready you always had someone to hang with. And eating together was so nice, great conversation and the joy of sharing food. I don’t know about you but I’m sold. And especially with some green fingered types like we could have a great vegetable patch. 

Mines really coming along. 

 Sometimes I think older generations and other cultures have got it right. We are built to live in community and this generation seems to be growing further and further away from that. I don’t want that for my children. Being from the lakes I miss village life. Everyone knows everyone and their business which can be annoying but at times of trouble or need without even asking there will be meals brought,  cups of tea and shoulders to cry/laugh on. I’m lucky that I have that community in my church but what about where I live? Moving house has helped with meeting my neighbours but I sure could try harder. What about you? 


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