On the up

Well my last post had me in a blue moment but I’m definitely feeling more upbeat and with a gorgeous sleeping baby on me how could I be sad!  (Putting Beatrice down for a nap).

A little bit of self care, a supportive husband and some much needed sleep have helped to boost my mood.  Gone is the feeling of nothing to look forward to. We’ve got a weekend away with our church group this week and although I’m loving being back at work I only have 3 shifts left! 

But along with these things recognising when I should say no has helped.  And even though Beatrice now has one long lunch/ afternoon nap which does get in the way at times,  her wellbeing is the most important thing.  This is hard when it means missing seeing friends but luckily mine either have kids or are super understanding. Life with a child is unpredictable but nap time is a blessing. I’ll miss it when it’s gone. But it does allow me the joy of gardening! 

On the garden front things are coming along! I’ve planted my butternut squash, tomatoes and peppers. I can’t wait to finally harvest them!

I also can’t wait to have Beatrice grow to be my little garden helper. Unfortunately the only help she could offer when I was repotting was to eat soil which she genuinely enjoyed! Which is a little sore spot when she won’t eat my cooking! 


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