Just tired

This last week has had a lot going on and feels like I’ve barely had time for me. But funnily enough on my days off I’ve had plenty of time where Beatrice and I don’t have to be anywhere. Which is why it’s so odd that I’m tired but it isn’t the tired of lack of sleep, it’s a deeper more mood based feeling that I can’t quite describe. 

I’ve had a lovely week at work, had some lovely days with Beatrice and although yesterday was my uncle’s funeral, the time that brought with my family was lovely. And today I’ve been to a baby shower but somehow I still find myself feeling blue. 

There is the sadness of my uncle passing and wishing I’d known him better but also I think loneliness. Now I’m definitely not a lonely person as I’m surrounded by amazing people but this week has definitely not had the usual amount of mummy friend time. Mainly due to Beatrice napping during the baby groups or just not being available for get togethers. Hopefully tomorrow will signal the start of a more positive week for myself. 

In the meantime though I’ll make the most of my time to knit another octopus for a premature baby. 


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