As a Christian we are currently in Holy Week which leads up to Easter Sunday. Now although I said for lent I would limit myself to one sweet treat a day and that I would participate in 40acts I have to say I have not been that good at doing either. Up until this week I had been doing well on the sweet treat front but for 40acts I have mostly been rushing through the daily email and not doing much else. All these things I’m supposed to do have not made me feel any closer to God and they have become an afterthought. 

My everyday life is so hectic and busy and full of things that my time with God can quite often be an afterthought. I love to prayer journal but sometimes I leave it until last thing at night when I’m too tired and don’t do it. And I keep telling myself that now I have a child I’ll be doing more activities with them to help them understand Christian holidays, but if I can’t even manage my own time with God will I really manage theirs.  All I can say is I hope so because God deserves better than what I’m currently giving him. 

It’s not all bad news though. It just means that with my lifestyle if I’m unable to slow down I need to find new ways to work it into my routine. One way I’ve found is praying whilst swimming. For each length I pray for a different topic or someone I know. The bonus isn’t only that I pray for 64 things but it helps distract my mind from tiredness. Ingenuity and new routines can stop God becoming an afterthought. 

What is an afterthought for you and how can you make changes to that? 


1 thought on “Afterthought”

  1. This is wonderful and honest. I usually pray when I’m washing up or getting dressed, it’s the only time I get to myself! Don’t forget god is forgiving and understanding. Keep an open heart and welcome god into your life and you shall receive. X


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