I don’t know about you but I seem to fill my days with busyness. Even more so now that I’m a mum. I find if I’m stuck in the house all day with Beatrice I’ll go crazy. Even just a walk makes a big difference but this week I have failed to recognise my ability to manage being busy. 

My first week back at work and I’m working two 12 hour shifts and instead of recharging on my days off have been going full throttle. I’ve met up with friends, been to baby groups, been out for meals and then today. I’m part of a charity called baby basics and we make up starter packs for vulnerable new mums including Moses baskets,  clothing, nappies, etc.

So this morning I went to our storage with a friend to get everything we would need for 2 baskets. Trying to do this with a baby and a toddler was somewhat challenging but we did it in record time. I then dropped it off at my house and went straight back out to Mothercare. We needed a travel cot and mattress. Beatrice was hungry so lunch there seemed like a good idea but a tired meltdown ended with me shoving our food into a bag and hightailing it to the car. Finally home Beatrice refused lunch so she had a breastfeed and nap. 

You would think my day would stop here but nope. I made up those baskets for baby basics and then had some friends and their little ones over to play. A screaming 2 year old is no fun. Then I needed to pack as we’re staying with my parents this weekend. I then packed the car and headed off to pick up the husband. What did I leave behind?! A pile of washing up. By this point Beatrice was beside herself and holding my legs. It wasn’t worth it to have a clean kitchen. I’m constantly telling my own mum to rest so maybe it’s genetic.

I’m exhausted and wishing I hadn’t packed so much in. But it also made me think about what jobs I do at detriment to Beatrice. Instead of sitting and playing with her am I too busy trying to clean,  get washing done and dried or washing up?? And I thought,  yes I am and why do I think those things are more important than being with my daughter. Yes, entertaining a baby can be hard work and sometimes a bit boring but by doing so I am helping shape who she will be in the future!  That’s pretty amazing. She doesn’t care about the house being a mess or the kitchen being clean. All she wants and needs is me,  and if I’m too busy to spend time with her I’ll have missed that opportunity. Nothing is worth that. 

So mum’s and dad’s forget all your boring chores and invest in your children with play. Take that time out to be with them and rest! 

And finally if you would like to help towards our work providing care packs for vulnerable families to help them in starting out I’m doing the Great North Swim (swimming a mile in open water) in June. You can sponsor me at
Or to find out about this charity in your area visit


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