First day back

I had my first day back at work yesterday. The day I’ve been dreading for ages and you know what it was great!  Yes I was so busy I didn’t get a break until 1.30pm. But for a 12 hour shift it went fast and I was kept busy. I’m a neonatal nurse and I was lucky enough to work with some lovely staff and families. I was worried I’d get over emotional with the babies and their crying (now that I’m a mum) but I managed. Here are a few things I learnt on my shift:

– I can survive a morning without breakfast (something I never thought I’d manage,  I get very hangry)

– a lot of things have changed on the unit including: drugs, staff and paperwork

– I do indeed love my job and will be sad to leave 

– I love being kept busy (It distracts me from missing Beatrice)

– I’m great at multitasking (breastpumping and eating at the same time)

– and finally being a mum has only made me a better nurse.

Having me at work also gave my husband more confidence in his dad skills. He managed to get her happy after a grouchy day,  she took a bottle from him (THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!) and he was able to pop her down to sleep with very little drama. I’m very proud of him. 

Unfortunately my day off has had the drama of no naps and a refusal to sleep even though exhausted. Wish me luck for the rest of the day.


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