Looks like a bomb has hit 

Today started off well but seems to have got more and more chaotic. I’ve never experienced a full blown bomb site in the house caused by the little one but today was the day.

We started the day with the wonderful realisation she had slept the whole night through. The problem with this is she wakes up starving and the minute she sees me no food will do, it has to be a breastfeed. Which isn’t particularly helpful when I’m trying to reduce them. We had a little play and as I go crazy if I have to stay in the house for the morning I organised meeting some friends at the local park and cafe. This was lovely until a tired Beatrice who hadn’t napped decided to show off her standing skills with a chair. This only ended with a fall and her face hitting the chair which of course led to tears. Mid cuddles I realised she had blood on her.  Cue the freak out about where it was coming from. With her 1 tooth she had managed to either bite her tongue or cheek. Luckily a dummy helped with calming down and a walk home brought on a nap. 

The afternoon also started well. I managed to finish some ironing and put some washing out to dry. We had a friend and her son pop round for a cup of tea and play. We even managed to get into the garden but afternoon nap time was not happening. We then got to teatime. My most dreaded meal. Any later than half 4 and she’s too tired and she usually screams through it. It is a fight and battle of wills. I hate it. I’ll make her some yummy healthy food and she’d rather chew a pen. I know I’m not alone in this experience but it can be demoralising and sucks all your energy. She’ll eat something one minute and the next hates it. She seems to hate being spoon fed so I’ve started to do more finger food. 

Well this evening it took my 3rd meal attempt before she would eat. 

We tried salmon,  butternut squash and rice,  then sweet and sour chicken, and finally she ate a ham and cheese omelette. Thank God. The omelette was so popular I made a 2nd which also went down well. After half a pear and refusing her favourite food (yoghurt) I’ve given up and it’s cbeebies time and I’m counting down the minutes until Daddy gets home. 

Unfortunately the kitchen work surface is covered in plates and pans,  the living room has toys everywhere, the dining room has food all over the table and floor and the spare room is definitely not ready for our guests this weekend. I guess the positives I can get from this are that Beatrice is still alive and I’m slightly sane. Hopefully Ian won’t comment when he gets home (if he wants to survive).


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