A new week and a fresh start

Well I was back at work yesterday which actually went well although it was only a training day so not back on the ward yet. And Beatrice was fine at the childminders. She managed to get a morning nap but unfortunately wouldn’t have an afternoon one and woke up the 3 year old with her from his afternoon nap (oops). So all in all a good day. 

And thankfully we seem to be getting back on track with napping although just in time for another tooth to start coming through. Eeek. She’s growing so much. Her morning nap was on our way to play and pray at church and my first half hour there consisted of me sitting in the car in the car park with Netflix on (Lucky me). After lunch out with the group we managed to get a lovely 2 hour nap in which was amazing and meant I got some time and could tackle our mountain of washing up. And then make Bea some baby food, during which I dropped pesto in my shoe (great I’ll have garlic feet). 

Who knew I could have such a good start to the week. Let’s just hope it continues. Feeling a bit like I’m managing life at the moment but I’m sure teething will change that. 

And after just putting a tired baby down who is now screaming I think it may be happening sooner than I hoped. Wish me luck. 


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