Happy Mother’s Day

So this is my first mother’s day.  My husband says it’s my second as I got flowers last year but I was pregnant so only part way there really. Anyway it also happens to be the first free weekend day we’ve had in over a month. Which considering we’ve only been in this house for about 7 weeks I’d say is quite a feat to have had so many people here. Next weekend we have more visitors so today is for resting.

Well I say resting but I’m not very good at that. We’ve been sorting the house and cleaning and now I’m trying to get Beatrice down for a nap (wish me luck). It amazes me how the minute I manage to be baby free I can get so much done. It makes me wonder how I could go a whole day with being so unproductive before a child. It must be the super mum skills that make up for the baby brain (Which only seems to get worse,  I forget what I’m saying mid sentence). 

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is mum’s just take time to be today. You don’t need a day for an excuse to rest but it does help get rid of feelings of guilt if you’re anything like me. I seem to need permission to take me time which is no way to live. 

So to all you mum’s out there, or even those without children but are like mother’s to someone then put your feet up,  read a book, have a cuppa or just enjoy being with those you love and know you are amazing and are helping to shape another person which is hard work and deserves some rest. Enjoy


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