Fremily is my new word for the week, and it means friends you are so close to that they’re like family. 

We’re lucky enough that our small group from church is amazing. We have 3 married couples all with daughters within months of each other in age. We’re getting to watch these beautiful, intelligent and kind girls grow together and it is so special. We also have 3 single people who could feel alienated by the family feel of our group but instead they muck in and are so involved you would think they are part of the family. But this isn’t just limited to our small group. We have other amazing friends who help out when I’m having a frazzled day and need support whilst the hubby is at work. Who are happy to meet me for coffee with a grumpy baby because I just need to leave the house. Being a parent is one of the hardest, most rewarding things I have ever done but if it wasn’t for this amazing community surrounding me I don’t think I’d manage half as well as I do.

My husband’s and mine don’t live nearby so we can’t just drop tiddles off at the grandparents. Hubby’s family are in London and mine the Lake District. They make many visits to us and are an amazing support but the support of friends and church makes up for when family are too far away. Today it has really come to my attention that it really does take a community to raise a child and I can only hope that I can serve other people in my community as well as they have served me. 

Therefore my new word Fremily!


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