East Africa Crisis

Since becoming a mother I have become hugely susceptible to charity campaigns. Particularly those featuring children. I see those images of children and people suffering and I imagine how I would feel if that were Beatrice and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that someone somewhere is suffering and their parents may be suffering with them. And the worst part of being a parent is seeing your child suffer and not being able to do anything to make them better. 

Therefore after seeing news about the famine in Africa over the weekend and then again this evening as a tv appeal I knew I needed to step up and not only give but try to help raise awareness of the campaign. They may not be my children but the pain I feel for their plight makes it feel like they are. We are all brothers and sisters in this world and banding together when someone needs us can change the world. So please give to the crisis appeal at


Here is their current tv appeal. 

Great news also is that for every donation made the department for international development will match. 


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