Spring is sprung

For a day where I had almost nothing planned I’ve sure been busy. Took the car for an mot and service and they nicely drove Beatrice and I home only for me to remember that I needed to take Beatrice to the childminders for her settling in period. Luckily a 20 minute walk got us there on time and the walk was lovely. It was very sunny and down nice quiet tree lined streets. There was even some guerilla gardening which put a smile on my face. 

Between walking back home whilst Beatrice was at the childminders and walking back to pick her up I walked a lovely 4 miles. And the added bonus was Beatrice fell asleep on the walk home and when left in the garden in the pushchair she slept for about 2 hours. Cue a quick lunch and netflix session with big bang theory. And a spontaneous cuppa with a good friend and her daughter. 

Also our front and back garden seem to have been taken over by some type of plant that has tuber roots. 

With leaves like that.  Anyone got any ideas on what it is and how to get rid of it? Would be very helpful. 


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