Crazy nights

Well it’s 4.20am and I have never been more ecstatic to be awake at this time (I’m being serious). We have had a rough week of I don’t know whether it’s teething or what but up from half 10 until half 1 with a baby that just won’t sleep or settle. And woe betide anyone who tries to just leave her in the cot to go back to sleep on her own. Now she can get to sitting on her own or standing which means it’s the first thing she’ll do in the cot and this often has shouting with it. But tonight has been a wonderful one of peace and sleep for everyone. Thank you God! Praying has worked!

Unfortunately this wonderful night of sleep has not been as peaceful for me. Tossing and turning and waking lots. It may be me expecting Beatrice (the baby) to wake or the fact I have a lovely graze down my arm from falling out of a raised bed.  Yup, you heard that right! Pulling brambles out by the roots is fine but make sure the stalk doesn’t snap if you have your whole weight on it. You go flying, but at least it’s done and look at the finished article!

From this…….

…… this

Although it would seem I still have some serious digging to do to get the roots out. 

Also check out my little Robin friend who’s been following me round the garden eating my leftovers. 

Anyway I’m back off to bed. Hope everyone else is sleeping well. 


2 thoughts on “Crazy nights”

  1. I well remember the nights when the child slept, and I didn’t. THat’s being a parent….worry when they cry, worry just as much when you DON’T hear them, so you must get up to check…..Some day you will laugh about it, especially when your child becomes a parent and complains about sleepless nights.

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