So along with a new year, a brand new home and an almost 1 year old I decided that starting a blog would be a great idea. Lots of things have happened in the last year and my day to day life is either boring or filled with a 10 month old little girl who won’t nap but is super grumpy that she’s awake. Unfortunately these things mean that my gardening has taken a hit, as anyone with a baby will know trying to get something done with them in tow is near impossible.

Since we moved house I have been itching to get my hands on our garden. Particularly as I now have raised beds and 2! YES 2! greenhouses. Luckily the in-laws are visiting this weekend and they have taken tiddles along with the husband for a morning out so I am free to get on with what I want. So far I have set a garden path to our compost bin and started trying to clear all the weeds and dead foliage from the flower beds. It’s going to be hard work but so much fun. Until today I’d never experienced being followed by birds but as I have been weeding and pulling out plants I don’t want I have been followed by 2 greedy robins after the worms, slugs and other bugs I’ve unearthed. They truly are a gardeners best friend.

Yesterday I managed with the help of a jumperoo to get some of the front garden weeded and cut back. Beatrice (aka tiddles and the 10 month old) had great fun waving at people as they walked past (btw this is a great way to meet neighbours), but the novelty wore off after half a hour and soon became shrieking and whining so unfortunately I had to admit defeat and give up for the day. If anyone has any ideas for entertaining children whilst gardening let me know, unfortunately our grass is a bog at the moment so can’t put her on there.


2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. We tried putting Sophia in her travel cot with toys to try and entertain her while we did some gardening but that didn’t last long


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